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The North Face (for Share Creative)
Social media strategy​​
Social media management

  • Facebook Live broadcast
  • Germany
  • UK

Facebook Live stream from Italy

Stories from Bread&&Butter

Stories from Manchester event


Amplify Pinnacle Project, The North Face’s biggest campaign of 2018, on social.

What I did:

Organised and directed a 3 hour live broadcast from a unique pop-up store in the Dolomites, which went out simultaneously on Facebook, .com and digital out of home screens at both London Westfield shopping centres.

Planned and co-ordinated live content for Instagram Stories from Berlin (Bread&&Butter trade fair) and Manchester (evening of music in conjunction with Boiler Room in car park).


- 1.2m people reached (owned) / 6.7m (earned)

- 117k interactions

- 22k engagements (owned) / 127k (earned)

- 18k link clicks

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